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Grace Baptist Church

Glidden, Iowa

Just a reminder to everyone, there will be no BibleLand Wednesday January 17 as we follow the Carroll school calendar and there is a planned teacher's in-service.

    Thank you for dropping by for a visit to our site.  We are glad you’re here.  Please take time to look around and explore our ministries, check out our activities, and see what’s going on at Grace Baptist Church in Glidden, IA.  

     More importantly than just visiting our site, we extend to you an invitation to visit our services.  We would love to have you.  Our desire is to be more than just another church - we desire to be a family brought together by our relationship in Christ and with each other.  Like any family, we aren’t perfect, but we are growing and learning together, even through our flaws and old sin nature.  We hope you’ll come and visit, because there is always room to welcome another in the family of Grace.

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Helping kids...

Racoon River Bible Camp is an Iowa Christian Camp. We are a conservative, non-denomination campground whose purpose is to help young people learn about Jesus Christ and how He can impact their lives.

Did you know...? our services are broadcasted locally on CAATV 6 Carroll!



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